Export in Numbers (1000 USD)

Company Mergers and Investment Opportunities in Germany

Pride For Denizli Exportes Association!

Turkey - Canada Business Forum

“TURKISH TOWELS” was in China !

Turkish Towels Support Tennis Senor National Team of Turkey...

World Giant "AMAZON" was in Denizli...

Turkish Towels was in Global Home Show

The Interest of Exporters of Denizli for “Alibaba.com: E-Transformation in Export Meeting” was enormous…

Excitement Of Turkish Towels At Final Four

DENIB-Denizli Food Cluster's Local Flavors Were In South Korea...

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DENIB- Denizli Food Cluster was at Gulfood International Food Exhibition in Dubai…

Within the scope of “Denizli Food Cluster Project” which is executed by Denizli Exporters Association in collaboration with Economy Ministry of Turkey, United Arab Emirates Trade Mission was took place between 24 th of February- 2nd of March 2017. From DENIB- Denizli Food Cluster; 8 contributor firms and a delegation of 14 people attended to the trade mission program.

Breathtaking Final of DENIB's 5th Home and Beach Wear Design Contest was held…

“DENIB Home and Beach Wear Design Contest” whose 5th edition was organized by DENIB in this year concluded with spectacular final on 17th of February, 2017 at Denizli Colossae Hotel. In the final of contest Miss Necla Candan Tulga was 1st; Mr. Emre Pakel was 2nd; Miss Ayfer Öztürk was 3rd, while Miss Hatice Kübra Çiçek won the Jury Special Award.

Target Market is Italy for Denizli...

7th Meeting of “10 Province 10 Country Project” which is gone live by TIM Academy within Turkish Exporters Assembly was executed at Denizli Anemon Hotel on 15th of February 2017 with the contributions of Commercial Receivable Insurance Solution Partner, Coface Insurance, Logistics Solution Partner, UPS Turkey, Media Solution Partners, Global Connection International Media, Turkishtime Economy Magazine in addition to HALKBANK and VODAFONE, main solution partners.

After Heimtextil 2017...

Heimtextil, which is the biggest international home textile fair, was exhibited between 10 and 13 January 2017. Over 2.900 exhibitors and 70.000 visitors were in the fair.

Turkish Towel is in China

Denizli home textile firms went to China which is a country increasing its attraction with fast growing economy, rising welfare and income level.

Denizli Food Cluster Attended SIAL Paris 2016

Denizli Food Cluster, which is an international clustering project performed in collaboration with Turkey Ministry of Economy, attended SIAL Paris 2016 International Food Fair. This was the 4th fair Denizli Food Cluster participated after World Food Moscow, SIAL Middle East and Alimentaria/Barcelona.

Increasing Demand for Turkish Towels

In the extent of international clustering project under the brand of “Turkish Towels”, a mission consisted of ABC Textile, Asil, Erteks, Evteks, Kaynak, MS International, Pamir Textile, Vateks and Zorel were in Copenhagen/Denmark and Stockholm/Sweden for B2B meetings between 2 and 6 October, 2016.

“Turkish Towels” Workshop was Realized

In the extent of a project performed in coordination with Southern Aegean Development Agency (GEKA), a workshop was realized for "Turkish Towels” brand to introduce it more and create awareness on 06.09.2016.

A Visit to DENIB from Italy Ambassador

A committee under the presidency of Italy Ambassador Luigi Mattiolo visited Denizli Exporters Association on 29.08.2016.


We created a historic epic on July 15th as being against the Gulenist Terror Organization. With our martyrs and our wounded veterans, Turkey claimed national will. In the other words, we put fear in foes' hearts but trust to fellows'. Our nation has shown that; in case of defending homeland; body becomes a shield, life can be sacrificed without hesitation. As Turkey, we are confident about our future. We are sure that Turkey's future will be brighter more than ever.

DENIB Home Textile Cluster attended Home Textile Sourcing Fair

DENIB Home Textile Cluster attended Home Textile Sourcing Fair organized between 12 July and 14 July 2016 in the extent of "International Clustering Projects”.

A New International Clustering Project from DENIB: "Natural Stone Marketing Cluster"

DENIB goes on performing international clustering projects with the coordination of Ministry of Economy, after home textile and food sectors. The new project is about the marble and natural stone sector and the project started with “Need Assessment” step.

DENIB Home Textile Cluster Attended Canada/Hometex-Florex Fair

DENIB Home Textile Cluster was in Canada to attend Hometex-Florex Fair organized between 7 and 9 June 2016.

EVTEKS Fair Dynamises the Textile Sector…

22nd Istanbul International Home Textile Fair (EVTEKS) was organized between 17 and 21 May 2016 by CNR and TETSIAD cooperation.

DENIB was in Canton Fair for Second Time…

Denizli Home Textile Cluster, which is supported by the Ministry of Economy under organization of Denizli Exporters Association, have been Guangzhou for Canton Fair in the extent of "International Cluster Project” between 01 and 05 May 2016.

DENIB Is In the USA Again...

In the extent of “International Clustering Projects”, Denizli Exporters Association (DENIB) went to the USA for “Global Home Show” between 13-17 March 2016 to attend “Market Week” organization with its 17 project member firms. The DENIB mission started the exhibition with HT&T Cocktail.

World Turkish Towel and Bathrobe Day

"The 6th March World Turkish Towel and Bathrobe Day” was celebrated in the organization of BASIAD and DETGIS, and was supported by DENIB.

DENIB Hosted "Iran Buyer Mission"

"Iran Buyer Mission” activity was organized by Denizli Exporters Association in the extent of "International Cluster Projects” supported by Ministry of Economy between 25 and 28 January.

Denizli at HEIMTEXTIL 2016...

Heimtextil Frankfurt Fair was organized between 12 and 15 January 2016. There were more than 70.000 visitors and 2.800 exhibitors from 70 countries. Unlike an ordinary home textile fairs, Heimtextil has been followed by designers, stylists, media members and students. The next years' trends are designated in Heimtextil. Due to these reasons, Heimtextil is not just a trade fair.

Visit to DENIB from New York State University

A group of students and lecturers from New York State University had a visit - which was as part of the third study trip- to Denizli Exporters Association on 11 January 2015.

International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) met in India…

International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) at which cotton as the raw material of textile sector and its future were assessed, was executed in India.

DENIB Was In Abu Dhabi...

Within the scope of "Improving International Competitiveness of Denizli Food Sector Project” which is executed by Denizli Exporters Association collaboration with Ministry of Economy; Denizli Food Cluster exhibited at SIAL Middle East Food and Equipment Fair in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 7th- 9th of December, 2015.

Turkish-German Youth Exchange Program

A project called “Substance Addiction among the Young” has been organizing between Denizli Youth Center and Germany International Meeting and Education Center.

Trade Mission of DENIB was in New York

Within the scope of "Clustering Project” which is executed by Denizli Exporters' Association (DENIB) with the supports of Ministry of Economy; DENIB took part in "Global Home Show” with 19 of its member firms between the dates of 27th of September- 1st of October.

Great Interest to Denizli Food Cluster in Moscow…

Denizli Food Cluster attended World Food Moscow with 12 firms between 14 and 17 September 2015. The 12 firms were Altintop Kuruyemis, Aynes Süt ve Süt Ürünleri, Biriz Kuruyemis, Boss Seracilik, Çaliskan Tarim, Ece Kuruyemis, Haci Serif, Nutova Kuruyemis, Özpekler Su Ürünleri, Smyrna Seracilik, Ülkü Meyvecilik and Yenita Organik Tarim Ürünleri.

DENIB Aims To Expand The Export In The Food Sector…

Need Assessment, the first step of "Improvement of International Competitiveness Project” executed by the support of the Economy Ministry, concluded with the attendance of member firms taking in the project on 28.07.2015.

DENIB Works Up To Attending Global Home Show…

An information meeting in the extent of Home Textile Cluster Project about Global Home Show was performed on 27.07.2015. Global Home Show is going to be organized in New York, in September.


The Inaugural Meeting of Need Analysis which is the first step of “ Food Clustering Project” executed with the support of the Ministry of Economy was performed on 23.06.2015 by the attendance of member firms taking place in the project.
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