In line with increasing Turkish textile products exports after 1980 and increasing number of exporters and producers of textile and apparel in Denizli, Denizli Textile and Apparel Exporters Association was established in 1993 with 107 members to accelerate work flow paralleled with increasing export volume.  It has been voice of exporters and contributor of city's economy since its establishment.

Our association is named as Denizli Exporters Association (DENIB) on 4 August 2010 to reflect our city's export performance to public more clearly, to provide easy service to city's exporters within Denizli, to represent city's exports with more strength and activity.

DENIB is one of the 61 exporters associations in Turkey which aims at increase, support and coordination of export to contribute to economic improvement, assisting its members in coordination with Trade Ministry and Turkish Exporters Assembly with its 3.684 members and 30 employees.