We created a historic epic on July 15th as being against the Gulenist Terror Organization. With our martyrs and our wounded veterans, Turkey claimed national will. In the other words, we put fear in foes' hearts but trust to fellows'. Our nation has shown that; in case of defending homeland; body becomes a shield, life can be sacrificed without hesitation. As Turkey, we are confident about our future. We are sure that Turkey's future will be brighter more than ever.

From now on, all of us must work to clear the destructions of Gulenist Terror Organization (FETO) in all areas in the fastest way. At this point, expectations are high on business world for sure. We are going to work harder and export more. Especially, I think exporters have more critical responsibility. Because we are in contact with all over the world. We need to show that Turkey will keep going even stronger than before. We must wipe out the occurred negative sense about Turkey as soon as possible.

Attention, Attention

By the way, we hear that some of us connect their internal problems, such as late delivery, caused by their own internal dynamical to coup attempt. In a edgy case like this, pretending as if the delays are due to the unsuccessful coup attempt is nothing but digging own grave. This is a kind of treachery as well if done on purpose. While all the world buzz with various rumors about our country together with speculations and even anti-propagandas, none of our exporters has right to hide behind the unsuccessful FETO coup attempt to cover their internal excuses. The opposite way around; it is the day of working harder and being diligent, by shipping the orders in time and even earlier with better quality than requested.

Government keeps producing comprehensive policies to pave the way for business world. I want to stress that; it is pretty important to tailgate new support packages.

There Are Things To Be Done For Yarn

Especially Denizli has some difficulties in yarn supply. In plain words; cotton yarn prices are in rise due to the lack of demand. This situation makes itself evident especially in the thick numbered yarns that Denizli has been using. In this regard we hope market soothing measurements to be taken.