In order to represent the quality of Turkish Products abroad in a better way, a new motto and logo was developed by Turkish Exporters' Assembly after a 2 year preperation period with professionals of "Saffron Brand Consultant” company.

New logo was introduced on 28 September 2014. The ceremony was honoured by President of Republic Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Minister of Economy Nihat ZEYBEKCİ, Minister of Culture and Tourism Ömer ÇELİK.

In his speech, ERDOGAN said: "From now on, this logo will spread all over the World and everyone will know this logo. The products manufactured in Turkey will be attached this logo. Our wellknown brands will also use this logo. Off course all these will contribute to power of our country, respectability of our country and trust in our country."

The design of logo includes historical and cultureal figures used in carpets, architecture or other branches. 8 patterns in logo symbolises rise, synergy, world, meeting, the east and the west, innovation, togetherness and harmony.

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