DENIB promotes the home textile sector in Denmark and Sweden

Denizli Exporters Association (DENIB) organized a Denizli Home Textile Sector Cluster Project (UR-GE) international marketing program for the home textile sector in Copenhagen and Stockholm between 12-16 June 2023 to increase export to Denmark and Sweden.

B2B meetings were assembled in Copenhagen on June 14 and in Stockholm on June 16 within the scope of the Cluster Project conducted by Denizli Exporters Association with the support of the Ministry of Trade.  The mission, consisting of 9 project member companies and 14 representatives, held more than 150 meetings with the leading buyers of Denmark and Sweden.

Mr. Yönet C. Tezel, Ambassador of Türkiye in Stockholm, Mr. Gökhan Örnek, Commercial Counsellor in Stockholm and Mr. Çağrı A. Kale, Commercial Counsellor in Copenhagen visited the participant companies. They provided information and evaluation about the market and expressed their wishes for the success of the mentioned programs.

DENIB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu, commented on international promotion programs, which includes market research in terms of wholesale and retail centers visits, and said the following:

"As Denizli, our exports to Denmark in 2022 were realized as 50.9 million dollars and our exports to Sweden as 25.1 million dollars. Within the scope of our international marketing program, 9 of our project participant companies conducted more than 150 meetings in Denmark and Sweden.

The programs organized specifically for European countries have an essential role regarding the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism which will be introduced in in the near future. I think that face-to-face meetings will be very useful regarding the expectations of European buyers from suppliers."

President Hüseyin Memişoğlu stated Scandinavia, which is known for its recognized brands in the textile and ready-to-wear sector and the importance attributed to quality, is a market with high potential for Denizli and underlined, "The level of welfare is high in these countries, so products with high added value are their primary preference. It is possible to say the quality level of our products is very fulfilling for the consumers of these countries. I believe our exports to these markets will gradually increase in the upcoming period with the support of our international marketing programs.

As DENIB, with the support of our Ministry of Trade, we will continue our activities for the international promotion of our various sectors i in the second half of the year."


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