Denizli Is Represented by 80 Participants at HEIMTEXTIL Fair

Denizli Is Represented by 80 Participants at HEIMTEXTIL Fair

Heimtextil Fair, one of the most important fairs in the world in the home textile sector, is being held in Frankfurt, Germany between January 09 – 12, 2024. Denizli is again making its mark in the fair, where Denizli companies take part as exhibitors with 80 stands and Denizli Exporters Association participates for the 8th time with the Turkish Towels brand.

DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu, emphasizing the strong representation of Denizli at the Heimtextil 2024 Fair, stated the following in his evaluations related to the fair:

"We are starting a new year with the Heimtextil Fair. Last year, as DENİB, we conducted 20 different international marketing programs. It was a year fully focused on international organizations.

This year, as the Denizli Exporters Association, we are participating in the Heimtextil Fair for the 8th time and welcoming our guests at our booth located in Hall 12.0-A10. We are also showcasing the award-winner designs of the 'DENİB DESIGN 3rd Home and Bath Textile Design Contest,' created by innovative and visionary designers, at our booth.

Denizli has unquestionable success in the textile sector thanks to its experience and dynamism in export and trade. As the Denizli Exporters Association, to continue this success, we support all events that offer face to face meeting opportunities, which we see as the best way to achieve our sustainable export target. Undoubtedly, one of the strongest organizations in the home textile sector is the Heimtextil Fair. Denizli is represented by 80 participants at Heimtextil 2024, which means approximately 30% of the Turkish exporters participating in the fair.

Our city accounts for 75% of our country's annual towel exports, 65% of bathrobe exports, and 55% of bed linen exports. These rates clearly prove that Denizli has significant power in the home textile sector. Moreover, we have a share of nearly 7% in the global towel market, which is worth 6 billion dollars. These data show that our city is not only a significant player in Turkey but also in the world."

The Branding Journey of "Turkish Towels" Continues

Emphasizing the long-standing focus on branding and design of the Denizli Exporters Association, DENİB President Hüseyin Memişoğlu stated that they have been conducting promotional and communication activities worldwide under with "Turkish Towels" brand, stating, “We continue our branding efforts that started in 2016 without slowing down. In this context, we are advertising - “Turkish Towels” theme at the busiest points of the fair area and entrances of subway stations. Our objective here is to elevate the recognition of Turkish Towels and our sector to higher levels. Denizli Exporters Association aim to be pioneer in design and branding. As is known, the main points that distinguish our exporters from Denizli are sustainable production, design, quality, and innovation. Since brands and customers operating in our main markets attach special importance to these issues, producers from Denizli make extra effort to provide technical competence in these areas. The Heimtextil Fair should be evaluated from this perspective too. It is actually a celebration for both Denizli and the sector. It's the event with the strongest participation from our city. Alongside 80 participating companies, more than 100 visiting companies will be present at the fair. We anticipate the participation of over 1500 people from Denizli. I wish the fair, which will last from January 9 to 12, to be beneficial for all our exporters and the sector.”

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