Denizli Exporters Association is in the USA within the scope of Cluster Projects

Denizli Exporters Association is organizing home textile B2B meetings simultaneously with Market Week in New York between 13-16 March 2023 with an aim to strengthen its relations with the USA and increase exports to this country.

85% of towels exported to the USA are from Denizli

Hüseyin Memişoğlu, President of Board of Denizli Exporters Association, has shared below comments about the program, during which wholesale and retail centers were also visited:

 "As Denizli, our exports to the USA in 2022 increased by 5.6 percent to 497 million dollars. With this value, the USA ranks the second country in our city's exports. As it is known, Denizli is one of the most important production centers of Turkey in the field of home textiles. Considering the USA's strong demand in home textile imports, I can say that we carry on our efforts for continuity in this market. According to 2022 data, 142 million dollars of the 168 million dollars of towels shipped from our country to the USA, which is 85 percent, are exported directly from our City."

Further Steps in Communication with the USA

Stating that communication and promotion activities for the USA continue, Mr. Memişoğlu stated, "The USA is a very demanding market, especially in the towel group. The quality perception of Turkish towels is high in the USA. We are trying to close the price difference with our competitor countries by means of our quality, however I'd like to state that we have difficulty in keeping the price. Our communication activities for the USA, which have been continuing since 2016, has come to a certain point. We share the intro movie, we made for Turkish towels last year, with the buyers during the events here. I believe that the Denizli home textile sector will continue to have a strong presence in the US market not only today but also in the medium and long term."

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