Turkish Towel in New York

The Turkish towel promotions in the United States continue in full swing. In recent years, Denizli Exporters Association, which has focused on branding activities, maintains promotional activities with its “Turkish Towels” brand in different parts of the world.

DENIB sponsored the Titans & Trailblazers event in the United States within the Global Home Show, which took place between 16-19 of September, bringing together leading brand representatives of home textiles.

The quality and difference of the Turkish towels were emphasized in this important event which holds the pulse of the sector.

Mr. Hüseyin Memişoğlu's -the President of DENİB- statement regarding the activities is as follows;

“Our market share in the US is growing every passing period. Within the framework of our Turquality Project supported by the Ministry of Commerce, we strive to benefit from this growth through proper promotion and branding. In this way, we aim to provide home textile products with continuity and increase market share in the US market consistently. ”



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